Ride The Night - Aussie World Summer Beach Party | DJ

Aussie Worlds Summer Beach Party involved 2 weeks of DJ Entertainment throughout the Theme Park each day.

Ride The Night - Aussie World Summer Beach Party | DJ

Across the first 2 weeks of January 2019, Mudcrab Music & Events provided Entertainment for major Sunshine Coast Theme Park and Tourism Attraction Aussie World.

Aussie World Sunshine Coast Theme Park

Across each day, and several nights, our supplied DJ Jordz played family friendly music to a large passing by audience.

The first Saturday featured a special 'Ride the Night' activation which saw the park open up late and have a slightly older crowd come in. Aussie World is great for families, and also definitely a spot to consider for date night with someone special.

Jakey and Tilley, Aussie Worlds 2 friendly mascots spent the days dancing around the theme park on the beach themed area in front of the DJ, which was well put together and saw a lot of sand castles being built!

Mudcrab Music & Events also provided the AV equipment used for the 2 weeks.

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