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Whether it's for a birthday, event, conference, nightclub, conference, charity gig, festival and anything else, we have you covered.
Lighting systems available for dry hire with easy DIY setup or complex lighting arrays setup by the Mudcrab team - we have something for every occasion.

Lighting Category

Event Lighting Hire

For Events of all sizes and categories, we have lighting to brighten (or darken) every situation.

LED Par Cans and LED Strips to help create atmosphere and highlight desired colours and moods, Freedom Sticks to create a professional looking space, Moving Head Spotlights to create a dynamic setting and much more.

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Wedding Lighting Hire

Whether its mood lighting during dinner, ceremony lighting during the emotional speeches or fun and exciting lighting on the dancefloors late into the night, there are plenty of options.

Many of the fixtures are perfect for indoor or outdoor use, and can be synced to ensure that the colours you want, are displayed throughout the entire space.

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Venue Lighting Hire

Hire or Install, Mudcrab has a range of Venue suitable lighting that can be programmed to suit multiple situations with ease.

LED lights with low power consumption and a small footprint can be used to light certain parts of the venue, with select dancefloor lights also having the same low power and size. For more excitement later on, the Smoke Machine, Lasers and Strobe provide a nightclub/festival feel to any venue space.

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Function Lighting Hire

A collection of LED Par Cans, Freedom Sticks and Moving Head Spotlights can create the perfect lighting setup for a function of any size, allowing for still colour settings, slowly moving dynamic lighting or dramatic and exciting, programmed lighting later into the function.

Mudcrab has lighting for a function of any size!

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Party Lighting Hire

Mudcrab has a large range of party lights covering smoke machines, lasers, strobes and more.
These lights can be set to run automatically to the sound of the beat or via pre built in programs.

Adding a smoke machine brings out the beams in the majority of the lights and create a stunning visual show in any setting.

For younger age groups, the smoke and bubble machine as well as the UV par cans create a lot of fun and excitement!

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Feel free to contact our team to discuss your lighting requirements and we will ensure you get the right answer.

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