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LD Wireless Microphone
LD Wireless Microphone
The LD Wireless Microphone is great for any function, event, party or wedding looking for an easy to use Mic with a long battery life, clear audio signal and ease of operation.
Moving Head Spot 75 Watt (Pair)
Moving Head Spot 75 Watt (Pair)
The Moving Head Spot 75 Watt is a lightweight and compact spot moving head featuring a powerful 75W LED. Producing a sharp, light-coloured beam with customisable options and up to 8 colours using the colour and gobo wheels.
PA Mixer - 10 Channel
PA Mixer - 10 Channel
The Yamaha PA Mixer features 10 channels with multiple levels of control including 3 state EQ, pan, gain and level. It allows for multiple microphones, cd players, DJ decks, instruments and aux inputs to be run at once, each with seperate control.

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