Kids Party Hire Package

Entertaining Kids For A Birthday Can Be Challenging, Until You Use Our Kids Party Hire Package. The Dual Smoke & Bubble Machine Creates Fun, Engaging Effects Indoors Or Out, And The All In One Gig Bar Provides Lighting Effects Covering Any Space With Its Built In Strobes, Par Cans And Dance Lights.

Kids Party Hire Package


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The Kids Party Hire Package includes he all in one Chauvet Gigbar is a very versatile lighting system with its built in effect lights, strobes, par cans and can run on automatic programs or in a sound active mode as well. With a height adjustable stand included, the unit can be used in many settings and takes up minimal room. It also includes the Dual Bubble and Smoke Machine which is a visually stunning effect and incorporates 2 seperate fans pushing bubbles, with multiple control settings available. As well as the bubbles, the unit has a large built in smoke machine and led lights to colour the exiting smoke and bubbles in unison. These two units together create a great amount of fun and eye catching effects, perfect to keep the kids busy and jumping around!

What's Included

1 x Dual Bubble & Smoke Machine w/ Remote
1 x Chauvet Gig Bar
All Required Stands and Power Cables

Green Cross
Easy to Operate
Green Cross
Great for Atmosphere
Kids Party Hire Package
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Package Contents

Bubble & Smoke Machine

Bubble & Smoke Machine

Chauvet Gig Bar 2.0

Chauvet Gig Bar 2.0

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