Jordan Magro


Greenwood Thursdays

August 2017

Jordan Magro DJ Set at Greenwood Thursdays in North Sydney at the Greenwood Hotel.

Jordan Magro


Leading the charge adding himself to the electronic circle and showcasing future house with a touch of piano-driven grooves from his studio to the decks, Jordan encourages the sound of his own tunes on dance floors giving the world an ear full of his best.

Consistently pumping out tunes since 2011, Jordan has seen multiple top 10 hits on the Aria Club Charts including his records 'Rush', 'Think Of Me' and 'Funk' along with many remixes taking the number 1 spot time and time again. His music has gained a lot of attention overseas with artists such as Tiesto, Oliver Heldens and Don Diablo playing his tunes every chance they get.

His single 'Think Of Me' with Boswell saw him take off on most recent national tour, playing festivals and events across Australia. Keep your ears open this summer & save a spot in your calendars.



The Rules Are Simple - Wear Something Red, Yellow or Green -

Green means you are DTF, sending or happy to receive a ‘whats doin x’ or a ‘U up x?’

Yellow means after a handful of vodka lemonades you’ve got a crack, or if you back yourself strong

Red means You'll be speaking to the hand because they are already taken, or have ambitious standards

If you decide to be a spoil sport and don't dress, there is a chance you will be handed a really embarrassing green coloured outfit on the door to wear.....Then photographed in it. Now this could be really bad for you if you are in a committed relationship, especially if we decide to send the photo to your better half.... Moral of the story, dress up and turn up...

$5 house spirits + beer from 8-10pm,
Greenwood Thursdays Membership gets you express entry with 4 mates, $6 drinks all night, 2 for 1 Pizzas and other perks!! Inbox us for details if dont already have that magical pink card

J Trick and Jordan Magro are on Headline Duties, they'll be controlling the traffic from the chapel with our Greenwood Residents playing all your favourite tunes !

Be There, See You August 17

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