Murray DJ Set - The Original Red Wiggle


The Golden Sheaf

December 2022

Murray the Original Red Wiggle Performed a DJ Set at the Golden Sheaf Hotel in Sydney's Double Bay.

Murray DJ Set - The Original Red Wiggle


One of the most recognizable faces in the world of entertainment, Murray Cook 'The Original Red Wiggle' has taken his talents to the electronic music scene.
With headline festival and club shows planned all over Australia for the remainder of 2022 and beyond, Murray will be connecting again with original 'The Wiggles' fans, performing commercial EDM hits, with a blend of Wiggles remixes, set to connect with masses of fans around the world.

While Murray is well-known as the king of the guitar, and for his ability to mix a mean fruit salad, his newly-formed headline DJ set is expected to be showcased in major cities, and rurally over the coming months - a show which is labelled 'simply unmissable' for music fans and old-school Wiggles fans like'



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