HSC Ya Later

The Official HSC After Party, held at the Greenwood Hotel in North Sydney. Brought to you by Year 13, Greenwood Thursdays and Mudcrab Music & Events.

HSC Ya Later

HSC Ya Later is the official HSC After Party.

The Event is held at the Greenwood Hotel in North Sydney, and is run by Year 13, Greenwood Thursdays and Mudcrab Music & Events.

Year 13 is the ultimate online guide to everything post school, with hundreds of great articles, links and content covering jobs, further education, gap years and more. The brand is Year 13's license and each year is a pleasure working alongside a great team.

Each year HSC YA Later features several of the best graduating Year 12 DJ's looking for their first gig on the club scene, normally after years of house parties and school formal after parties.


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