North Shore Snow Festival - Greenwood Hotel North Sydney

100 Tonnes of Real Snow and a Snowboard Rail Jam in the North Sydney CBD. Plus DJ's, National Snowboarders, Giveaways and much more. Sponsors included Thredbo, Redbull, Canadian Club & Fireball.

North Shore Snow Festival - Greenwood Hotel North Sydney

North Shore Snow Festival - A Pop Up Day Party


- A Proper Snowboard Rail Setup and Competition
- 100 Tonnes of Real Snow Over the Greenwood
- Free Entry and DJ's All Day
- Food and Beverage Specials
- Huge Giveaways All Day
- & much more!

World Class Competitors TBA

Brought to you by Mudcrab Music & Events & Greenwood Hotel

Sponsors - Thredbo Resort , Red Bull, Talisker, Fireball Whisky Australia, Kosciuszko Brewing Company, Canadian Club.

This Event went on to win the best promotional concept at the AHA awards in 2019.


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