With the ability to blend genres seamlessly, Sydney producer JAKKA aka Jeremy Jakovcevic has a different approach on modern house music. From down under, JAKKA is slowly establishing himself as a must-have DJ throughout all of Sydney.  Having started his DJ career from as young as 12, as soon as he reached legal age JAKKA has DJ'd at iconic Sydney clubs such as Home the Venue, The Flinders and the Greenwood. In a scene saturated with other like minded people, JAKKA has clearly set himself apart by making it to the Top 50 contestants in the annual YOURSHOT competition.  Drawing influences from Australian DJ's as well as his love for hip-hop, JAKKA has established a signature aesthetic to his productions, which have landed him up to #2 on Triple J's "Unearthed" charts. Creating moody vibes that reflect true emotions JAKKA aims to make dance music that is timeless.  With this being only the beginning of his career we will continue to see JAKKA pushing boundaries and cementing himself as a star in the near future.


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