Aussie World Dunny Races | AV Hire

The Annual Sunshine Coast Dunny Races held at the Banana Bender Pub / old Ettamogah Pub, with a Mudcrab Music & Events Sound System and PA Support.

Aussie World Dunny Races | AV Hire

Each year the Sunshine Coast is home to a famous Dunny race, held over the long weekend outside Aussie World.

Hosted by the Banana Bender Pub, which was previously known as the Ettamogah Pub, the event see's teams from all over racing with their dunny's, competing for the title and a handy bit of prizemoney!

Great Australian Dunny Race
The Great Australian Dunny Race

For this years event, Mudcrab Music & Events provided a PA System for the event, which allowed for music playback, commentators and announcements to be made in the large outdoor area. The events 'race track' alternates each year between the venues large ovals out the back or the car park out the front of the theme park, depending on the weather.

The hire included 4 PA Speakers, 2 Wireless Microphones, a PA Mixer and more. Full breakdown below.

PA System

2 x JBL PRX 825 Speakers

2 x JBL PRX 715 Speakers

2 x Wireless Microphones

1 x PA Mixer

1 x Wired Backup Microphone

If you haven't had a chance to check out Aussie World, keep up to date with their website for updates on opening hours and restriction changes, it really is a great tourism attraction and thing to do on the Sunshine Coast.

The Banana Bender Pub
Aussie World

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