Sporting Event DJ Sunshine Coast

Gala Days, Grand Finals, Ladies Days and other Major Sporting Events need Entertainment. Get a DJ for your Sunshine Coast Sporting Event.

Sporting Event DJ Sunshine Coast

The atmosphere at a major sporting event is exciting, addictive and memorable. This can easily be replicated on a local level for a wide range of sports including Rugby, Soccer/Football, AFL, Netball, Cricket and more.

Key events in a sporting calendar including finals, gala days, ladies days and tournaments can have the atmosphere boosted by Entertainment. Setting up guitar amps and drums for a band can be overkill in terms of effort and necessity however having a DJ setup with their DJ deck, computer and some speakers requires a small footprint.

The DJ's PA Speakers can be used to play music in between games, after points are scored / key moments, when teams run out, and they can also be used for announcements - commentators, updates, results, thanking of sponsors and more.

Rugby Crowd

Ladies Days are an increasingly popular Rugby social calendar date, with many clubs across NSW & QLD implementing some form of Entertainment during the matches and then continuing this on through formalities, speeches and late into the night. It is a strong addition to any clubs culture and community.

Sports Commentator

For any Sunshine Coast based Sporting Clubs looking for Entertainment for an upcoming game, or end of Season Function + Awards Night, feel free to contact the team here.

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