Sunshine Coast Wedding Speaker Hire

PA System & Speaker Hire for Wedding Speeches, DJ's, Receptions & Ceremonies across the Sunshine Coast. Portable, Affordable and High Quality.

Sunshine Coast Wedding Speaker Hire

Speaker Hire for my Wedding - Sunshine Coast

Sound is crucial for any wedding, and here at Mudcrab Music & Events we take our sound seriously!

We use top of the line active JBl Speakers, meaning the amps are lightweight, built-in and very powerful. This simplifies the PA system / speakers you need and makes the sound for your wedding easy to sort out.

Speakers can be dry hired or setup by our team, with the ability to plug your own sound devices in - Spotify, laptop, computer, or we can also patch in a DJ, MC, musician, band or really any type of audio!

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Mudcrab has hired speakers and PA systems for weddings across the Sunshine Coast which is host to several wedding hotspots including Bribie Island, the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Noosa, Caloundra, Maleny, Rainbow Beach and more.

How many Speakers do I need for my Wedding???

Our rule of thumb for the amount of speakers required for a wedding or how to solve the elusive 'how many speakers do I need for my wedding', or 'which pa system do I get for my wedding' question, can be found below.

  1. 0-100 Persons - 2 15 Inch Speakers
  2. 100-150 Person - 2 15 Inch Speakers and 1 18 Inch Subwoofers
  3. 150-250 Persons- 2 15 Inch Speakers and 2 18 Inch Subwoofers
  4. 250+ Persons- Send us an email to discuss specifics.

Speakers for my Wedding.

A pair of the below JBL PRX 715 Speakers will cover up to 100 persons easily in an indoor or outdoor wedding setting. They have a clear sound, perfect for vows and speeches. The speakers also has a great bass driver and once the dancefloor gets going, the whole crowd will be grooving.

JBL Speakers PRX 715
JBL PRX 715 Speaker Pair

The below JBL PRX 825 Speakers are essentially double versions of the above JBL PRX 715 Speakers. These speakers are a great part of larger PA systems for large scale events and weddings, however they can also be used on their own for weddings looking to have a great dancefloor with high quality speakers.

JBL PRX 825 Speaker Pair
JBL PRX 825 Speaker Pair

Subwoofer for my Wedding.

For those of us who love a boogie, and can't go past a great beat and bass line, subwoofers are the solution to having a great bass presence at any wedding.

For Weddings over 150 persons, we recommend at least one subwoofer. When bands or DJs are involved, it's especially useful to have the extra sound reinforcement for the wedding.

Please always inform  your venue / neighbours if you will be expecting a lot of noise, and if you are using subwoofers.

The below JBL PRX 818 XLF Subwoofer is a high end active subwoofer with an 18 inch driver, this unit really pumps. It pairs up perfectly with either of the above JBL PRX 715 or 825 units and makes for a great wedding sound system on the Sunshine Coast. The subwoofer is great for indoor or outdoor weddings.

JBL PRX 818 XLF Subwoofer
JBL PRX 818 XLF Subwoofer

The below Presonus 18 inch Subwoofer is perfect for medium sized weddings, especially those in an enclosed setting such as a function hall, marquee or venue. It provides an extra level of bass that 2 single speakers won't be able to provide when playing audio for larger groups and in larger spaces.

Presonus Subwoofer
Presonus 18 Inch Subwoofer

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