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Mudcrab Music and Events is a premier store on the Sunshine Coast, specializing in a wide range of sound, lighting, DJ gear, and AV equipment. With a diverse selection, we cater to venues, events, parties, weddings, DJs, bands, and more. Whether you're seeking professional-grade equipment or looking to enhance your personal setup, Mudcrab Music and Events has everything you need.

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Buy Quality - Brands Including Yamaha, Chauvet, LD Systems, Laserworld, Event Lighting and Many More.

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Behringer Eurolive B115MP3 Speaker

$ 779.00 AUD
$ 649.00 AUD

Behringer HPM1000 Multi-Purpose Headphones (Silver)

$ 35.00 AUD
$ 34.00 AUD

Behringer ULTRA-DI DI100 DI Box

$ 85.00 AUD
$ 69.00 AUD

Yamaha MG16 16 Channel Mixing Console w/ D-PRE Mic Preamps & 1-Knob Compressors

$ 859.00 AUD
$ 625.00 AUD

DB Tech B-HYPE 10

$ 729.00 AUD
$ 655.00 AUD

DB Technologies B-HYPE Portable PA System With Bodypack Mic.

$ 1,499.00 AUD
$ 1,399.00 AUD

Christmas Inflatable Santa Sleigh 2.2M Outdoor Decorations LED

$ 147.00 AUD
$ 119.00 AUD

AVE Vox 22 Dynamic Vocal Microphone with Pouch

$ 39.00 AUD
$ 35.00 AUD

PAR12X12L - 12x 12W LED RGBWAU Parcan with IR Remote

$ 229.00 AUD
$ 215.00 AUD

EL1000RGB 1W RGB Analogue 15K scanning animation laser with ILDA

$ 639.00 AUD
$ 600.00 AUD

Beamz PartyBar 3 All-In-One LED DJ Lighting System

$ 349.00 AUD
$ 299.00 AUD

Beamz PartyBar 2 All-In-One LED DJ Lighting System

$ 349.00 AUD
$ 299.00 AUD

AVE Iso Panel Acoustic Foam Pack – Charcoal

$ 59.00 AUD
$ 55.00 AUD

Behringer Eurolive B112W Speaker

$ 599.00 AUD
$ 519.00 AUD

Chauvet DJ GigBAR 2 LED Multi-Effect Light

$ 999.00 AUD
$ 899.00 AUD

Green Christmas Tree

$ 100.00 AUD
$ 69.00 AUD

Beamz S700 LED ICE Smoke Machine with LED Ice Effect 700W

$ 89.00 AUD
$ 85.00 AUD

Prostand MS050 Music Stand

$ 39.00 AUD
$ 36.00 AUD

Haze Machine Fluid

$ 49.00 AUD
$ 45.00 AUD

AVE Magic Mist Bubble Fluid

$ 10.00 AUD
$ 9.00 AUD
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Brands Including Chauvet, LD Systems, Beamz, AVE, Axiom, ChamSys, Laserworld, Proel, Event Lighting, Wharfedale, Antari, Soundking and More.

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